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found on a table in a coffee shop, somewhere outside of washington, dc; reads:
Dear Steve Steve Captain ?? [19 2014] 
I don’t know how to tell you what you make me I feel for you. I thought I knew all I need to I you made me doubt everything I thought I knew. You said we were best were we lovers?    I love
I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry
God I’m so fucking stupid sorry 
I’m an idiot
I love You mean everyth every a lot to me your nation. I’m sorry
Am I Bucky Barnes?
Am I your friend?
I’m sorry

inspired by godsquadd
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I am too gay for this.

— Me every time straight people talk about sex (via nerdfightergirl)

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everything personal♡
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The rest of the space is going to be pretty pissed when they see this. 

did you google how to take a screen shot
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2010 was a simpler time 
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does anyone else have “the chair”


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my brother once accidentally locked himself in a dog cage and starting snapchatting photos for help till my mum and dad had to drive over and free him

did I fail to mention my brother is a 25 year old man

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My dad was telling me about these girls at his old college who invented a nail polish that paints on clear, and if you stir your drink with your finger with the nail polish on, it will react with the “Date Rape” drug and turn red.

Dude. It’s genius.

I saw this before and didn’t reblog it because it didn’t have anything to say how but now that there is a link saying how I wil reblog it.

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In honor of the two conflicting holidays

look at this when you’re sad
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